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How can I reserve a field?
Texas Soccer Fields is a directory of soccer fields and we do not participate in the operation or management of fields. For field inquiries, contact the club or municipality responsible for field administration.

Can our club link to pages provided on Texas Soccer Fields?
Absolutely. In fact, we encourage it. TSF is hosted on the ever-reliable Rackspace Cloud (they haven't seen an outage in years). TSF will not change the links (URL's) without providing redirects, so you needn't worry about dead links.

Why don't you provide field status on Texas Soccer Fields?
The clubs responsible for the fields update the status on their websites during weather events and it would be difficult for us to maintain the most current information. We provide field status phone numbers and links to the websites where status is available.

I left my stuff at the fields, how do I retrieve it?
If contact information is available on the Texas Soccer Fields, call or email the fields to recover lost items. If not, you'll need to contact the club responsible for the fields or return to the fields to retrieve it.

Are the directions provided on your website accurate?
Texas Soccer Fields makes every effort to ensure the field information is accurate. If you believe the information we provided is inaccurate, please report it to us and we'll investigate as soon as possible. If changes are required, we'll post them quickly.

Why do some fields have complete information while others are lacking information?
Since we cannot visit the 1000+ fields in the state, we ask our friends to assist in completing the field records. Use the "Report An Error" link at the bottom of the page to notify us of any errors or ommissions.

I cannot find a field on your website, how can I have it added?
Use the "Add a Field" link or send us the information through the "Contact Us" form. Please provide enough information for us to locate the field. We can do the rest.