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After 16 years of unreliable information on the location of soccer fields, it was time to create a comprehensive directory of fields within the state of Texas. Although it took a couple of years to start this project, the idea for Texas Soccer Fields / texassoccerfields.com was born the day one of my daughters was benched for being late to a game. If you've been a soccer parent for a few years, you've probably driven like a NY cabbie replete with sweaty brow and an anxious child in the back seat because you couldn't locate a field. With the advent of smart phones and navigational technology, and the information available on this site, the days of struggling to locate soccer fields should be behind us.

While this site is now loaded with field and organizational information (associations, leagues, clubs, indoor, etc), it requires input from the community to complete it. Please feel free to suggest a field for inclusion or provide feedback on the site using the links provided below.

Texas Soccer Fields